BMX Stunt Team Action

BMX Stunt Team Action

When was the last time you saw a BMX stunt team hard at work, or play? Flipping, spinning, head-over-heels action that gets the heart pounding and the kids yelling in excitement?

BMX Stunt Team Action

If you haven’t seen such a show lately, you just might want to check out some school assemblies recently because BMX stunt shows are the hottest things to liven up school gatherings since, well, since they started having them.

BMX racing has been around for decades, but it’s never been the hot sport it is now. Nearly every town in America has a place for kids to race and skate to their heart’s content, performing moves that cause parents to cringe and kids to laugh. While most parents have forgotten how to ride skateboards or their memories of their own banana seat bikes, today’s kids are learning and performing moves that defy the rules of gravity.

School assembly leaders and planners are using the services and skills of professional BMX stunt team members to help spread the word on bicycle safety. Kids of all ages are going to ride bikes and attempt to perform stunts on their own, so the value of wearing protective gear is imperative. However, we all know how difficult it is to get kids to wear their helmets and elbow or other protective padding, because it just isn’t “cool”. Most of those kids change their minds however, after they see professional BMX stunt team members wearing all kinds of protective gear as they perform at local schools.

As a matter of fact, the professionals tell the kids stories of how many times they’ve “crashed and burned” and if it wasn’t for the fact that they were wearing their bike helmets, they might not have gotten up and walked away. Stuff like this makes a greater impact on kids than endless lecturing, and schoolteachers, principles and parents understand that. That’s why putting on a BMX stunt team show at any public gathering can spread a message that hits home hard.

During many BMX stunt team performances, professional BMX riders perform stunts while an announcer talks about things like safety, accident prevention and how to properly take care of bikes, from BMX racers to everyday squeakers. Kids relate to a combination of action and talk, and you can guarantee that any school assembly that announces a BMX stunt team is going to be one of the most popular of the year. So what are you waiting for? Give those kids some excitement, pass along your message and everyone will have a blast. Guaranteed.

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