BMX Stunt Team Ready for Exciting Tour


BMX Pros Trick Team is the ideal attention-getter and ticket selling performance for state and county fairs, corporate events, grandstand entertainment venues, and college campuses.

FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 22, 2014  – BMX Pros Trick Team, the world’s premier freestyle bicycle stunt show, is now accepting reservations for one of the highest profile marketing and entertainment events on earth. The BMX stunt show features the world’s most extreme bicycle Woody Itson Ownerstunt riders and skateboarders in a spectacular, non-stop, action-packed show that has thrilled and entertained millions of people around the world. The BMX stunt team’s talent includes a breathtaking trickster who is a three-time X Games gold medalist, plus a bronze medalist who is one of the most versatile riders in the sport. The company’s owner, Woody Itson, is himself a major attraction as a former world champion and a member of the National BMX Hall of Fame.

More than 70 percent of the company’s clients book return shows year after year, which confirms how valuable an impression this kind of show makes on audiences and for brands and venues. Next month, for instance, the BMX stunt team’s performance will be featured during the 50th Annual Rod & Custom Car Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The team puts on performances for NBA, NFL, and auto events like the Long Beach Grand Prix as well as numerous state and county fairs including the Oklahoma State Fair, the Indiana State Fair, and the Kern County Fair. Clients of BMX Pros Trick Team include such world-class names as the International Olympics, Disneyland, Six Flags, the ESPN Monday Night Football, Major League Baseball, the Grand Ole Opry, Universal Studios of Hollywood, and Sports Illustrated.

2014 sponsorship packages are available for all marketing and advertising budget needs and goals, making this a flexible and affordable opportunity for one-of-a-kind brand promotion and entertainment. For clients who want to have their brands, logos, and products promoted all across the USA at once, the BMX Pros Trick Team can simultaneously run five primary ramp teams and four nationwide satellite teams. That provides exposure in nine different cities on the very same day.  Public attendance at performances goes as high as 18,000 people or more, allowing sponsors to directly connect with all demographics for tremendous brand recognition. The BMX Pros Trick Team also actively promotes healthy living, education, and safety for enhanced brand image integrity.

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