Corporate Entertainment Destination

Your Next Corporate Entertainment Destination

Holding a company team-building event doesn’t have to be a drag on your budget.

Look past the old tired ideas of ballgames and cheesy magicians, and use our stunt team to turn your ordinary fundraising meeting into a special event. BMX Extreme shows are available anywhere, any time, to bring your employees closer together or to provide a favorable impression for your client. Even on short notice they can fly over and perform at your next company picnic. Bicycle stunt riders are highly trained in a repertoire of rocking stunts and classic tricks to hook your employees attention to the end. Ask about the turnkey specials for your next corporate entertainment event, and make it one to remember!

Company employees agree that a thrilling show makes for a memorable event. For company events or trade shows, they are more comfortable with professionally run entertainment than an obviously cheap sideshow. The quality of the event can change their opinion on the efficacy of the company they work for, providing a stronger morale boost than other employee benefits and at an overall lower cost.

Studies show that these kinds of shows can promote team-building and company loyalty. And if you are shopping around for new corporate entertainment, you have probably seen it all before. BMX shows are also great for fairs, fundraisers and other corporate events-after all; they’ve performed at official Olympic events and compete in ESPN’s X-Games. The BMX Stunt Team is available anywhere and at any time for your next company event.

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