Hiring an Event Planner

Hiring an Event Planner and Tips on How to Select the Right Corporate Speaker for your event

Hiring an event planner and selecting a good corporate speaker for an event can make all the difference in the world. It is important to select the right corporate speaker so the employees will retain whatever knowledge is being taught.

The person that is selecting the corporate speaker should make sure, above all else, that the speaker is qualified in the appropriate subject matter. Nothing is worse than a corporate speaker who sounds like they don’t know what they’re talking about. This can be prevented by asking for and verifying the corporate speaker’s credentials.

hiring corporate speakerOne way of judging the quality of a corporate speaker is to have them pitch you right there on the spot. Tell them to explain to you why they would be the best choice for the event. Remember that corporate speakers are essentially sales people. Every time they speak they are selling the fact that they know their stuff to the audience. The more confidence the employees have in the speaker, the more they will benefit from the event. If the prospective corporate speaker tells you they are not comfortable pitching you on the spot, then you haven???t found the right one yet.

Once you have selected a potential candidate for the event, you should ask the corporate speaker for names and telephone numbers of previous clients. Try to get the phone numbers to those clients on the spot. If the speaker says he needs a few minutes to find the phone numbers then just ask for the names of some past clients and then look up their contact information yourself. Be sure to call them right away, as to avoid them being given a heads up about your call. When you do speak with a past client of the corporate speaker in question, be sure to ask what their overall impression was of the speaker. Ask if they retained any of the information taught in the seminar or workshop.

Once you have confirmed the history of the corporate speaker to your satisfaction, be sure to ask them for an outline of their presentation. Ask to be a part of the planning and execution decisions, if you get any resistance then you do not have the right speaker. The more involvement you have in this process then the more control you will have over the outcome.

Lastly, the right corporate speaker is a well-spoken, confident, qualified individual who can motivate their audience and engage them in a way that no other delivery method can. They create a lasting impression in the minds of the employees and promote self-growth, which increases the overall quality of the workforce.

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