Software Development Conference

Software Development Conference

BMX Pros Trick Team has performed at many software development conferences-

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Software Development Conference (San Francisco)

Ready to excite people at your software development conference with more than just booths and speakers? With the BMX Pros Trick Team’s extreme BMX stunt show, you can bring a new group of conference attendees and grab the attention of those who have been coming for years. Your software development conference doesn’t have to be dull when you give them a show they won’t soon forget. Whether you choose to feature our stunt riders or include us as part of your software development conference entertainment, professional team will help you entertain.

Our extreme BMX stunt show includes some of the world’s most extreme bicycle stunt riders and skateboarders in a spectacular, non-stop, action-packed show. We can feature our Half Pipe and/or Quarter Pipe accompanied by box jumps, depending on your conference venue and needs. The BMX Pros stunt team have entertained millions of people around the world and are sure to provide exciting entertainment at your next software development conference too.

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