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Bike Show Corporate Entertainment

BMX Bike Show Features For Corporate Entertainment

Those seeking corporate entertainment can now search a new venue by way of BMX bicycle stunt shows.

Not a common portal for the corporate entertainment field, this newer facet is quite versatile allowing for the best shows to be performed during fairs, public events, private parties, fundraisers, conventions, and many other corporate functions. What sets BMX entertainment events apart from any other type of show is that there is an element of dare devilry, as these stunts can be quite amazing, and there is a new action put into the corporate world that is hard to pass up.

As potential prospects and clients see that you have a knack for flair and providing the best show, they will be very interested in getting you on their side. What is better than someone that can leave a life-long impression with a crowd of hundreds, maybe even thousands? If you can book the best show, give a special interest to BMX stunt show ideas that could create the best show of the century.

You will now have competition in getting the best as some of the largest corporations are seeking an event of the same stature, however, with the right team behind you, you can really shine.

With these special BMX stunt shows, you will receive various features such as:

  • Various ramp stunts
  • Extreme sound system with up to 1,000 watts and two speakers
  • Complete stunt show set-up and take-down

You also receive several other features with the show including t-shirts and posters that you can opt to sell during the stunt show, as well as a generator that runs quietly for energy needs you may have and wish to handle without issue.

These BMX stunt shows are comprised of a team of professionals that are highly experienced and know several tricks and stunts that are sure to knock the crowd out of the park. What more could you ask for when seeking corporate entertainment?

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Corporate Entertainment Destination

Your Next Corporate Entertainment Destination

Holding a company team-building event doesn’t have to be a drag on your budget.

Look past the old tired ideas of ballgames and cheesy magicians, and use our stunt team to turn your ordinary fundraising meeting into a special event. BMX Extreme shows are available anywhere, any time, to bring your employees closer together or to provide a favorable impression for your client. Even on short notice they can fly over and perform at your next company picnic. Bicycle stunt riders are highly trained in a repertoire of rocking stunts and classic tricks to hook your employees attention to the end. Ask about the turnkey specials for your next corporate entertainment event, and make it one to remember!

Company employees agree that a thrilling show makes for a memorable event. For company events or trade shows, they are more comfortable with professionally run entertainment than an obviously cheap sideshow. The quality of the event can change their opinion on the efficacy of the company they work for, providing a stronger morale boost than other employee benefits and at an overall lower cost.

Studies show that these kinds of shows can promote team-building and company loyalty. And if you are shopping around for new corporate entertainment, you have probably seen it all before. BMX shows are also great for fairs, fundraisers and other corporate events-after all; they’ve performed at official Olympic events and compete in ESPN’s X-Games. The BMX Stunt Team is available anywhere and at any time for your next company event.

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Corporate Entertainment Extreme

Make An Impact With BMX Corporate Entertainment

Corporate entertainment is big business these days and can mean the difference between winning a contract that can bring your company literally thousand of dollars, or remaining exactly where you are in the rat race.

Providing your corporate sponsors and collaborators with something different is always an excellent idea, but where will you find that type of corporate entertainment that can make a positive and winning impact?

More and more companies are using extreme entertainment to make an impression on potential business investors, sponsors and partners that will be as long lasting as it is awe-inspiring. A prime example of the extreme entertainment that more and more companies are opting to employ is BMX stunt shows. The ramps, jumps and turns that you see at county and state fairs have made their entrance into the world of corporate entertainment and have exactly the same impact on business people that they do on the Average Joe on the street!

The half an hour shows that are staged actually take very little time to set up and invoke a memory that will last a lifetime, thus making your company stand out. Their jaw-dropping twists and mid-air turns have every individual in the place begging for more. This form of extreme entertainment has the potential to wow everyone watching and encourage him or her to remember your company for years to come. The whole point of corporate entertainment is to make an impression and that is exactly what these people do, so hiring a BMX stunt team could prove to be a sound investment in the future of your business!

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Corporate Entertainment Impression

Corporate Entertainment With a Larger Impression Using BMX Stunt Shows

Large corporations are constantly looking for the next big thing to wow their audience.

When it comes to absolutely wowing an audience, you really have to bring the bag. You can’t simply use cheap thrills these days as the audience is always expecting a bit more. Corporate events are always the next big thing the corporation is promoting and should be an event to celebrate the company’s progress and attract a broader affiliate base. What types of corporate events are going to really get the audience? There are many options out there, however, BMX shows are now becoming the big thing in making an expression that is sure to impress and be long-lasting. Having the ability to contribute your ideas to the show improves the experience and allows the event to remain personal to the corporation and the people within.

Having an extreme team of professionals that are highly skilled in BMX routines can enhance the experience as you are sure to have a satisfied audience. You can use a BMX extreme bicycle show for events in any setting including fairs, fundraisers, parties, etc. the choice being relative to the purpose and the size of the audience, as well as the business owner’s vision. Corporate events are no longer the wine and dine outlets that can drag on for hours in a dull and unproductive manner. These events are now being hyped up to offer an extreme show for all to be entertained.

Booking a BMX stunt show, you will be provided with a skilled and highly trained professional team that will perform several routines that are one of a kind and truly unique to the corporate arena. Any company owner would pay big bucks for these shows as the potential return of the venture is quite great. The cost-effectiveness of these stunt shows improves the overall package, allowing corporate events to have that flair that has been missing for many years.

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Extreme Corporate Entertainment

Extreme BMX Stunt Shows Remodel Corporate Entertainment

Corporate entertainment has made a step that cannot be turned back from.

Acquiring ??new clients and partnering up with new affiliates can now incorporate extreme entertainment in the form of a fun and unique BMX stunt show. Yes, the wine and expensive treats are fine and dandy but we are groups of generations that grew up with a thrill-seeking edge and we all must learn to appeal to that side of the business population. We aren’t so much into the cocktails anymore, we want some jumps and ramps and a few sparks here and there.

What used to consist of suits and ties are now large functions such as:

  • Corporate company fairs
  • Corporate extravaganzas
  • Corporate events
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate Private Parties

No matter the function, the use of a BMX extreme stunt show can greatly increase the response gained from these events using this newer form of corporate entertainment. Some of today’s largest corporations are catching on to the renewed addiction to dare devilry and are seeking some of the best bicycle stunt team pros that will take the corporate entertainment to an entirely new level, one of which was never implemented before.

The old is out and the new is in. Incorporating an age long love of stunt shows and special pizzazz, corporate entertainment is broadening to the BMX arena, allowing BMX bikers to take hold of another entertainment facet. As a company, the best is sure to catch the vote and as there is always competition, the options should remain on the side of trying something new that is sure to leave an impression. You don’t want to leave a mediocre impression either; you want to leave the largest impression possible to ensure that your company’s name will be the first one to pop into any prospect’s mind.

The use of a BMX stunt shows for corporate entertainment will not only provide you with an experience to remember for a lifetime, you will provide those you are trying to peak interest in the same experience which is invaluable in many terms.

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Extreme Sports Entertainment

The Latest And Greatest Form Of Extreme Entertainment

The BMX stunt show has been a staple of the extreme stunt show circuit since the 1980s.

However, changes in the way society perceives entertainment and in fact the definition of entertainment itself has led to a recent resurgence in popularity that has been prevalent in extreme sports since the turn of the millennium. With several traveling BMX stunt show companies out there, it has never been more popular.

There is any given number of individuals, committees and organizations that have used the BMX stunt show to leave a lasting impression on various people, and often with a specific purpose in mind. For example, many fairs and schools actually hire a BMX stunt team, not because it is an extreme stunt show to get people interested in BMX, but because the individuals performing provide a great role model for the kids. Of course entertainment does have something to do with it, but the fact that these stunt people do not do drugs, alcohol or tobacco and yet can perform fantastic tricks may just encourage the youth of today to channel their energy into something similar.

The extreme stunt show is also commonly hired by large sporting teams to perform before a big game or during halftime to ensure that the crowd remains pumped, or indeed becomes excited in the first place. This leads to a better atmosphere for the game because it helps to heighten the anticipation and exhilaration in the air. This in turn helps to encourage the teams.

Finally, corporations are beginning to hire BMX stunt teams in order to provide entertainment for guests and associates during conferences and visits. This can help to relax the meeting as well as provide a welcome break from business, thus tying it with pleasure. Studies have shown that a more relaxed environment can indeed encourage better business relationships and deals! As a result of this factor and all of the above, the BMX stunt show has effectively been reborn, making it the latest and greatest form of extreme entertainment around today!

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Hiring an Event Planner

Hiring an Event Planner and Tips on How to Select the Right Corporate Speaker for your event

Hiring an event planner and selecting a good corporate speaker for an event can make all the difference in the world. It is important to select the right corporate speaker so the employees will retain whatever knowledge is being taught.

The person that is selecting the corporate speaker should make sure, above all else, that the speaker is qualified in the appropriate subject matter. Nothing is worse than a corporate speaker who sounds like they don’t know what they’re talking about. This can be prevented by asking for and verifying the corporate speaker’s credentials.

hiring corporate speakerOne way of judging the quality of a corporate speaker is to have them pitch you right there on the spot. Tell them to explain to you why they would be the best choice for the event. Remember that corporate speakers are essentially sales people. Every time they speak they are selling the fact that they know their stuff to the audience. The more confidence the employees have in the speaker, the more they will benefit from the event. If the prospective corporate speaker tells you they are not comfortable pitching you on the spot, then you haven???t found the right one yet.

Once you have selected a potential candidate for the event, you should ask the corporate speaker for names and telephone numbers of previous clients. Try to get the phone numbers to those clients on the spot. If the speaker says he needs a few minutes to find the phone numbers then just ask for the names of some past clients and then look up their contact information yourself. Be sure to call them right away, as to avoid them being given a heads up about your call. When you do speak with a past client of the corporate speaker in question, be sure to ask what their overall impression was of the speaker. Ask if they retained any of the information taught in the seminar or workshop.

Once you have confirmed the history of the corporate speaker to your satisfaction, be sure to ask them for an outline of their presentation. Ask to be a part of the planning and execution decisions, if you get any resistance then you do not have the right speaker. The more involvement you have in this process then the more control you will have over the outcome.

Lastly, the right corporate speaker is a well-spoken, confident, qualified individual who can motivate their audience and engage them in a way that no other delivery method can. They create a lasting impression in the minds of the employees and promote self-growth, which increases the overall quality of the workforce.

by BMX Pros Trick Team  Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Tampa

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BMX Stunt Team Ready for Exciting Tour


BMX Pros Trick Team is the ideal attention-getter and ticket selling performance for state and county fairs, corporate events, grandstand entertainment venues, and college campuses.

FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 22, 2014  – BMX Pros Trick Team, the world’s premier freestyle bicycle stunt show, is now accepting reservations for one of the highest profile marketing and entertainment events on earth. The BMX stunt show features the world’s most extreme bicycle Woody Itson Ownerstunt riders and skateboarders in a spectacular, non-stop, action-packed show that has thrilled and entertained millions of people around the world. The BMX stunt team’s talent includes a breathtaking trickster who is a three-time X Games gold medalist, plus a bronze medalist who is one of the most versatile riders in the sport. The company’s owner, Woody Itson, is himself a major attraction as a former world champion and a member of the National BMX Hall of Fame.

More than 70 percent of the company’s clients book return shows year after year, which confirms how valuable an impression this kind of show makes on audiences and for brands and venues. Next month, for instance, the BMX stunt team’s performance will be featured during the 50th Annual Rod & Custom Car Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The team puts on performances for NBA, NFL, and auto events like the Long Beach Grand Prix as well as numerous state and county fairs including the Oklahoma State Fair, the Indiana State Fair, and the Kern County Fair. Clients of BMX Pros Trick Team include such world-class names as the International Olympics, Disneyland, Six Flags, the ESPN Monday Night Football, Major League Baseball, the Grand Ole Opry, Universal Studios of Hollywood, and Sports Illustrated.

2014 sponsorship packages are available for all marketing and advertising budget needs and goals, making this a flexible and affordable opportunity for one-of-a-kind brand promotion and entertainment. For clients who want to have their brands, logos, and products promoted all across the USA at once, the BMX Pros Trick Team can simultaneously run five primary ramp teams and four nationwide satellite teams. That provides exposure in nine different cities on the very same day.  Public attendance at performances goes as high as 18,000 people or more, allowing sponsors to directly connect with all demographics for tremendous brand recognition. The BMX Pros Trick Team also actively promotes healthy living, education, and safety for enhanced brand image integrity.

More information available at