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Corporate Speakers

Corporate Speaker

Selecting a good corporate speaker for an event can make all the difference in the world.

Selecting a good corporate speaker for an event can make all the difference in the world. It is important to select the right corporate speaker so the employees will retain whatever knowledge is being taught.

The person that is selecting the corporate speaker should make sure, above all else, that the speaker is qualified in the appropriate subject matter. Nothing is worse than a corporate speaker who sounds like they don???t know what they???re talking about. This can be prevented by asking for, and verifying, the corporate speaker???s credentials.

One way of judging the quality of a corporate speaker is to have them pitch you right there on the spot. Tell them to explain to you why they would be the best choice for the event. Remember that corporate speakers are essentially sales people. Every time they speak they are selling the fact that they know their stuff to the audience. The more confidence the employees have in the speaker, the more they will benefit from the event. If the prospective corporate speaker tells you they are not comfortable pitching you on the spot, then you haven???t found the right one yet.

Once you have selected a potential candidate for the event, you should ask the corporate speaker for names and telephone numbers of previous clients. Try to get the phone numbers to those clients on the spot. If the speaker says he needs a few minutes to find the phone numbers then just ask for the names of some past clients and then look up their contact information yourself. Be sure to call them right away, as to avoid them being given a heads up about your call. When you do speak with a past client of the corporate speaker in question, be sure to ask what their overall impression was of the speaker. Ask if they retained any of the information taught in the seminar or workshop.

Once you have confirmed the history of the corporate speaker to your satisfaction, be sure to ask them for an outline of their presentation. Ask to be a part of the planning and execution decisions, if you get any resistance then you do not have the right speaker. The more involvement you have in this process then the more control you will have over the outcome.

Lastly, the right corporate speaker is a well-spoken, confident, qualified individual who can motivate their audience and engage them in a way that no other delivery method can. They create a lasting impression in the minds of the employees and promote self-growth, which increases the overall quality of the workforce.

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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

College kids can be a tough group to entertain and tire of the same entertainment over and over.

Sometimes, having just a key-note speaker can get a little boring.. Whether you want to rev the audience up, or you just want to do something unexpected, the BMX Pros Trick Team is the perfect solution. With our completely self-sufficient professionals, we can set up ramps and put on a show that everyone will enjoy to watch. Our professional BMX team can also include talks on team building as well as other topics to get your entire company or conference audience inspired.

Our professional BMX team offers you:

  • Ramp choices – Halfpipe, Quarterpipe, and Box Jumps
  • Sound system with amplification of up to 1,000 watts
  • Cordless microphone for all public address needs
  • Quiet generator to serve all electrical power

The BMX Pros Trick Team will do everything necessary as keynote speakers to support your company and your message. The Bmx Pros Trick Team can also work with keynote speakers as a team. We will work with you to make sure everyone leaves with the right idea and a new perspective.

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Software Development Conference

Software Development Conference

BMX Pros Trick Team has performed at many software development conferences-

venue set up for corporate event entertainment

Software Development Conference (San Francisco)

Ready to excite people at your software development conference with more than just booths and speakers? With the BMX Pros Trick Team’s extreme BMX stunt show, you can bring a new group of conference attendees and grab the attention of those who have been coming for years. Your software development conference doesn’t have to be dull when you give them a show they won’t soon forget. Whether you choose to feature our stunt riders or include us as part of your software development conference entertainment, professional team will help you entertain.

Our extreme BMX stunt show includes some of the world’s most extreme bicycle stunt riders and skateboarders in a spectacular, non-stop, action-packed show. We can feature our Half Pipe and/or Quarter Pipe accompanied by box jumps, depending on your conference venue and needs. The BMX Pros stunt team have entertained millions of people around the world and are sure to provide exciting entertainment at your next software development conference too.

Los Angeles*San Diego*San Francisco*Seattle*Phoenix*Scottsdale*Dallas*Austin*New York*Miami

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Team Building Ideas

Team Building Ideas

Team Building Ideas in 2011

When you watch people work together, it not only helps you get inspired to do the same, but you can also learn team building ideas that will bring your organization together. At the BMX Pros Trick Team, we can provide you with a high quality, exciting BMX trick show that offers everyone at your company a chance to see what a team can do when they???re working toward the same goals. Our professional team of bike stunt riders will not only set up and clean up, but they???ll also inspire everyone in the audience.

In our action-packed, nonstop show, the BMX Pros Trick Team demonstrates some basic team building ideas:

How to work together

  • How to create goals
  • How to manage problems
  • How to create results that impact others

The Bmx Pros trick Team can help you design and implement new team building ideas, or you can include our team building demonstration in addition to a ready ???made program. Whether you include a keynote speaker or not, the BMX Pros Trick Team will help exhibit crucial team building skills to your employees. Best of all, it will bring excitement and motivation to a successful team building event.

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