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BMX Stunt Show pricing guide

Pricing is based on locations across the U.S.

Discounts and Conditions:

BMX Stunt Shows performed at State Fairs, County fairs, Theme parks, or Amusement parks: pricing can be discounted depending on the number of days and the location of the shows.

Schedule your Event Today

We offer great customer service along with the best web-based scheduling system available.  Our Online Booking System is easy to use! 

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  • Create an account online.
  • Requests a date(s) & time.
  • Select the type of event.
  • Once we receive you request, we will contact you.
Flatland Show (No Ramps) $1,197.00 2 $300 per 40m. 10m 40′ x 60′
Event (quarter pipe & box jump) $2,497.00 4 $300 per 40m. 20m 40′ x 120′
Event (half pipe & box jump) $5,997.00 4 $300 per TBD TBD 40′ x 120′
Festivals and fairs (half pipe & box jump)
(based on 5 days or more of shows)
$2,697.00 4 $300 per TBD TBD 40′ x 120′
Corporate Mixed (half pipe & box jump) Call 4 $300 per TBD TBD 40′ x 120′

Times may vary based on traffic conditions and timing between shows. If the team feels they are not going to arrive inside these guidelines, you should expect a call from the numbers you provided.

Rob No-HanderShow Surfaces:

  • A Smooth flat hard surface is ideal. The set ups below can handle up to 1000 people comfortably.
  • Indoors shows do not need this amount of space. If the show has to be done indoors, we will be able to work with whatever space you can provide.  Due to scheduling conflicts, some shows cannot be rescheduled and having an an indoor option is advisable. 
  • Show area should be swept clean and free of debris, small rocks, and sand.

Show area size: 40′ x 120

  • Same area applies for Half pipe.

Power Requirements:

  • Some teams will need access to power within a hundred feet. All shows in Southern California have their own power supplies.
  • Please have check ready the day of the show.
  • If you have not already paid, please have a check ready to give the team or mail payment upon the completion of the event.

Reminder and emails to keep your mind at ease:

  • 1. You will receive a reminder by email 7 days prior to your show date. In this email you will be asked to acknowledge and reconfirm your show. There will be a link to your show information to take you through this simple process.
  • 2. You will also receive a reminder the day before your show is scheduled to be performed.
  • 3. You will receive a final email upon completion along with an invoice. At any time you can review your show information through the account established with your company.

Competitive Pricing

  • This program comes to you Hassle Free and is fully contained. We only ask that you provide an area to perform and of course, an audience.  
  • 3 to 5 performers and 1 announcer (depending on show package)
  • Complete P.A. system with generator
  • Orange safety cones to mark off show area Insurance (2,000,000.00 general aggregate) OPTION: To be listed as additionally insured on a certificate
  • Press Kit (DVD, Rider & Team Bios, & Digital Media)