Extreme BMX stunt show for your corporate event entertainment, state fairs, and more. . .

BMX Pros BMX Stunt Show is dedicated to providing the most thrilling, exciting, and professionally run BMX show money can buy.

Having professional BMX stunt show at your event should leave a lasting impression.

Setup Options

Standard outdoors

Show area size: 40' by 100' feet. We are able to use all of our equipment and perform our full show complete with both box & quarter pipe.

Half pipe outdoors

Fairs and other events that want a half pipe show. The area required is 30' By 40' feet. We prefer hard surfaces, but grass is an option. Set up is 2 1/2 hours

Gymnasium floors

Sports events - Our portable ramps will work on NBA floors. We have no specific size in this case, we try to be creative as space is limited.

Standard show area is 40'X 100'.


However, the picture above is a pre-show set up size for 500 to 600 students. Some schools have students seated on the ground while others allow them to bring their chairs. If you are doing show indoors the general rule has been to seat the students around the area as illustrated above starting from the outside first and working inward. Whatever space that's is left is ours to work with. Sometimes the area is tight, but we are capable of making it work. We are professionals.


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Other requirements to perform at your location

PA System:

Each team has its own professional sound system with enough sound power to reach 1000+ in attendance.

Access to the area:

In most cases we travel with a truck & trailer. The minimum height to cross is 11 ft. & width is 9 ft. It is very important that these access requirements be met for out door set up.

The Surface:

If the surface is either swept or cleaned with a blower, it will really improve the riders ability to perform