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Clients and Venue Setups

BMX Pros Trick Team performs at all sorts of venues for Corporate event entertainment and special events. We can provide an assortment of different arrangements to accommodate your events specs and layout.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Logo

Performed on location at:

Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN

This performance was done center stage, indoors at the main convention center at the Grand Ole Opry. We used our portable half pipe and several box jumps for staging. The team consisted of 12 riders and we were outfitted with uniforms to match the theme of the event.

Actual show length was three unique 5 minute segments and a 2 minute combined grand finale.

Novararis Phamaceuticals corporate show Performed by BMX Pros Trick Team

Zimmer Dental

Performed on location at:

Desert Springs Marriott – Palm Desert, CA

This performance in the main ballroom only allowed for access through 9ft. by 9ft. doors. We used a portable quarter pipe & three box jumps, with 4 riders for this venue.

Actual show length was one 6 minute show and featured three of Zimmer Dentalstop executives during the performance finale.

Zimmer Dentals

Home Depot

Performed on location:

ESPN LA Live – Los Angeles, CA.

This performance was outdoors on Chick Hearn Way in front of LA Live, home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers. This client brought in concert lighting and sound and made it a late night spectacular event. Actual Show length was 120 minutes. We ran two unique teams in 20 minute intervals to keep the energy level high. The entire event took place on our portable half pipe


VM World

Performed on location:

Mascone Center – SanFrancisco, CA.

This performance was performed underground at the Mascone center in downtown SF. We were the opening act for 90 minutes prior to INXS playing to a packed house of 16,000 guests. Needless to say, the crowds loved it.

This event was done with 2 1/4 pipes set up like a half pipe. The show featured Skateboarding and Inline skating.

VMWorld Show


Performed on location:

Mascone Center SanFrancisco, CA.

This event was a 3 day run for Oracle at OpenWorld. This was done so that all the attendees passing by the event had something very visual to catch their attention and then redirect it to ???Meet the Future presented by JavaOne.

This entire event was done on a portable 1/2 pipe ramp that set up in about an hour. We featured the Bikes, Blades, and Boards theme and had world class athletes.

Oracle Show BMX Pros Trick Team

Hewlett Packard Corporate show with BMX Pros Trick Team

Performed on location:

Hall A at the Venetian  Las Vegas NV.

This event was a 1 day sales event. This was done so that all the attendees at a party passing by had something very visual to catch their attention.

This entire event was done on a portable 1/2 pipe ramp, and box jump that all set up in about an hour. We featured the Bikes, Blades, and Boards theme and had world class athletes.

Hewlett Packard sales meeting, Corporate event BMX Pros Trick Team

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Performed on location :

Arthur Ashe Stadium, Flushing Meadows, NY

Sports Illustrated for Kids worked closely with the BMX Pros Stunt Team to put together an annual summer tour program that entertained millions of spectators at Six Flags amusement parks throughout the US over a 4 year period.

All four tours were done on our portable half pipe and box jump.

Sports Illustrated Xtreme Sports tour to Amusement Parks

Watch the BMX pros Trick Team video.


Types of Events:

  • NBA Playoffs
  • The Olympics
  • State Fairs and Festivals
  • School Assembly Programs
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Church Functions
  • Grand Openings

Our Show Includes:

  • Ramp choices – Halfpipe, Quarterpipe, and Box Jumps
  • Sound system with amplification of up to 1,000 watts
  • Speakers that drive plenty of sound
  • Cordless microphone for all public address needs
  • Quiet generator to serve all electrical power
  • Completely self-sufficient show set-up and teardown
  • Optional for sale t-shirts and posters

X Games logo

Gold Medalist Line Up

Entertain your Clients with X Game Competitors and Medalists 

BMX Pros Trick Team has a line up of talent that includes X Game Medalists and World Class competitive BMX Riders and Skateboarders. It’s always amazing to see them perform! 

X Games medal


Trevor Myer Xgames Medalist

Rob Noli X games Medalist

Mark Sparks - Triangle Talent

Dear Woody,

Your bicycle stunt show is awesome! The show packed the stands & more for 30 minutes before each show! We had so many positive comments from the community. Truly a turn-key show for any event and highly recommended. We are really happy to have you on board at Triangle Talent. We look forward to offering you to more and more of our clients every year.

Mark Sparks
Triangle Talent

Mark Sparks - Triangle Talent

Amgen Tour California

Woody Itson,

Your guys were great. Professional from start to finish, also personable and sweet with the crowd. Feel free to have any prospective customers call me and it will be my pleasure to tell them what a pleasure it was to work with you. All the best! 

Amgen Tour California
Phil Ladman
Boardwalk Development, Inc.
16909 W. Bernardo Drive San Diego, CA 92127

Schedule your Event Today

We offer great customer service along with the best web-based scheduling system available.  Our Online Booking System is easy to use! 

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  • Create an account online.
  • Requests a date(s) & time.
  • Select the type of event.
  • Once we receive you request, we will contact you.

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