Extreme BMX stunt show for your corporate event entertainment, state fairs, and more. . .

BMX Pros BMX Stunt Show is dedicated to providing the most thrilling, exciting, and professionally run BMX show money can buy.

Having professional BMX stunt show at your event should leave a lasting impression.

College campus entertainment, events, shows

BMX Pros BMX Trick Team is dedicated to providing the most thrilling, exciting, college campus entertainment.

With a wide range of equipment designed to execute shows at any college campus entertainment events as great entertainment, we have performed at numerous college campus functions such as keynotes, conferences, and team building meetings. Our ramp equipment is easily set up and transported.

Having BMX Pros BMX Stunt Team as part of your college campus event will entertain all your guests. BMX Pros Stunt Team will certainly add a touch of class and excitement to your event. With the average show lasting 30 minutes in length, the back flips, front flips, 360's, 540's and gliding spinning stunts with have your audience wanting more!

All across the United States, the BMX Pros Stunt Team brings to your venue the same championship talent that competes in the ESPN X-Games. This crowd pleasing event is definitely a "must see to believe" attraction that will amaze your audience.

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 If you need it there fast, we even have a ramp that can load on a plane!

Having our extreme sports show as your college campus entertainment at your event should leave a lasting impression! With over 70% of our clients having us return year after year, it's a guarantee that we get the job done right! The impression the BMX Stunt Team leaves warrants many autographs and fans who long to keep in touch with us long after the show is over.